Interlune Mixtape

Music composed and written by PierrotheMoon
Interlune Mixtape by PierrotheMoon
artwork & production @ The Studio Stereo

Vite Vite… Il faut que je me mette à taper… De l’anti-conformisme, tu en veux ? En voilà !
Je craque, allez je te sors mon album comme il

Tchernomix – PierrotheMoon

Intro, soporific [sop-uh-rif-ik, soh-puh-] adjective 1. causing or tending to cause sleep. 2. pertaining to or characterized by sleep or sleepiness; sleepy; drowsy. noun 3. something that causes sleep, as a medicine or drug. And welcome in a strange IDM, DUB, AMBIENT world !

Tchernomix [TSS 030] The Studio Stereo, available on Bandcamp


TACTILE – PierrotheMoon

released September 23, 2016
Tactile by PierrotheMoon

My_  PierrotheMoon
released September 23, 2016

My_ by PierrotheMoon



DA BANGER // TSSDIGIT028 // The Studio Stereo // April 24, 2016

Da Bang3r by PierrotheMoon

 Music composed and written by PierrotheMoon :
Da Banger remix by Fade Runner
Artwork & production @ The Studio Stereo (2016)

Barbie Turik

Totally drunk this album!  Thanks to Mariel Clayton for the wonderful artwork !

Release date: 20/03/2011
Label: TSS Berlin
Format: digital

Genre: Ambient/ Experimental/ Sound effect

Album available o


Sensitive Podcast


This podcast is the story of a few songs written « by hand ». Each long track was dotted with long runways.
For some songs, the inspiration was very deep. Life, and then you say, it’s philosophical! No, we are mortal, we all go through periods tangible, vulnerability, and at these times, these songs



Link :
Album available on Bandcamp

Somatic by PierrotheMoon

Music composed, written and 
performed by PierrotheMoon
Produced by TSS Berlin
Licensed under Creative Commons (BY;NC;SA)
PierrotheMoon@Soundcloud // PierrotheMoon@Discogs


Elabor’ed Pets

tagada sound?! Yes!  it takes! The first facet of the album: attachment to electro-acoustic, natural sound of instruments, guitar, flute, all diabolically orchestrated! Lots of humor! A piece dedicated to the joy, the joy of eating potatoes!
Enchanted by melody voodoo, demoniac incantations, each time with a few warm notes…

artwork@otist-reading /