Here is an album that combines a power techno with sounds generally employed for dubstep, glitch hop or House music. PierrotheMoon reveals an album offering a stunning continuity both in samples, reminiscent the influences of the artist, and in genres that interfere throughout the album.

This album makes move with an assumed and sometimes unexpected « House touch »! Pierro sends us sometimes to a funky rythm or rather to a real Dub sound with dubstep deviations. And sometimes we leave aside these kind of styles for what he has decided to give here : a progressive techno, full of variations.

If you like bass, funky sound, techno (minimal or noisy) : a simple click on the play button will leave you amazed by the energy emerging from this « sample story » !

Music composed and written by PierrotheMoon / production @ The Studio Stereo You can download « SAMPLE STORY » by PierrotheMoon in naming your price on Bandcamp :