Redefinition 1 – Undefined // UNOIKI

limited CD edition of 100 copies!

handmade innovative packaging

IDM, Minimal, Glitch, Ambient, Clicks, Dubstep, Dub, Techno, Deep, Experimental


  1. J-Lab & Hagen Daz – Unrequired / Polar Aviation Requisite
  2. Dr.Nojoke – 15/16 / Kuoyah Fonk Remake
  3. Ten and Tracer – Panta Rhea (Undefined Edit) / PierrotheMoon Remix
  4. Humeka – Blow Back Down / Marlene Magnoli Remix
  5. MRZ – Bended / Dimitar Dodovski Remix
  6. Andrés Marcos – Texas Instrumental / Jesse Voltaire Remix
  7. Sul.a – Révolution Solaire / Tanned Remix by ocp
  8. Superlauncher – Wormhole / Area Still Glowing Remix (CD Edit)
  9. Storlon – Undefinition / Zzzzra Remix
  10. Offtopic meets Sven Laux – 1 + e / Komsomol Distance Remix
  11. choenyi – De Fin Ti+ Ion / Kimathir Remix

After welcoming the artists CleymooreStrukturator and Jesse Voltaire in the collective UNOIKI expands its network with a massive remix-project:

For REDEFINITION twenty-two carefully selected producers from diverse fields from all over the world had been asked for participation:

new upcoming talents as well as established artists – all of them standing for a highly interesting, exciting and unique style somewhere between dubstep, dubtechno, drone, glitch, sound-art, minimal, techno, house, IDM – always with an experimental approach right in the sense of UNOIKI.

Redefintion 1 – undefined compiles the first half of remixes of all tracks from the album UNdefinition, refined and made-up for a fine listening experience on a strictly limited CD in an edition of just 100 copies.

Jonathan Mangelinckx is responsible for the artwork and the book-sized handmade fold-up cover, which reflects the abstract music with its unusual design in a perfect way and which in a way stands for an implied and unspoken UNOIKI statement:

You have to explore it to understand it!