Sensitive Podcast


This podcast is the story of a few songs written « by hand ». Each long track was dotted with long runways.

For some songs, the inspiration was very deep. Life, and then you say, it’s philosophical! No, we are mortal, we all go through periods tangible, vulnerability, and at these times, these songs appear naive and innocent. A kind of mourning. A kind of lost of self. a strong attraction to meditation. Drunkenness itself.

But of course, a key radical and a homecoming. It’s good to be yourself.

You can find two collaborations, two travelers who have shared these moments with your friend Pierro. An experiment with his brother. And the other with his sister music, the dearest Louise Bronx with whom he has introduced a private one-hour concert, with this kind of atmosphere …

Relax and let yourself be carried away by these oddities sound!

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